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Straight Leg Midge
1963 - 1967

One of each of the three hair colors of the Straight Leg Midge doll

Midge® made her debut in 1963 as Barbie's best friend. In 1963 the body markings changed to the 'Midge-Barbie' (hollow body) with coral nail polish.  Usually this body has the larger neck knob to help give Midge (and the Barbies who also used this body) cute, full cheeks.  Some Midge/Barbie bodies, however, can be found with the smaller neck knob also found on the earlier 'Barbie' body. 

Midge® was available with either brunette, blond or titian hair (redhead). She came with a two-piece swimsuit, the colors of which depended on the hair color of the doll; light blue/blue for a blond, bright yellow-green/orange for a titian (photo above) or pink/red for a brunette.    

Midge also came with white open toe shoes, a wire stand and a booklet.   Midge® is known as the doll with the freckles and the thin smile, but apparently Mattel made some Midge® dolls with teeth (and a weird blank stare, shorter hair style). Also some were made with freckle-less faces. The true freckle-less Midges have a longer hair style. Still, the freckle-less Midge is very hard to determine as genuine due to children rubbing the freckles away with nail polish remover (or due to dishonest eBay sellers - so buyer beware!).

In 1965 Midge® got bendable legs (same body as found on the American Girl Barbie), an updated stripe one-piece swimsuit and a cute short pageboy hair cut with light blue silk ribbon headband. Some high color Midges® have also been found (no doubt from the 'high color' year of 1966).


Painted Hair Midge (Midge Wig Wardrobe) - 1965

A cute painted hair version of Midge was sold in 1965. This was sold as a head (no body!) with a set of three wigs, much like the Fashion Queen head/wig set.

While the Midge with painted hair is relatively easy to find, her wigs are rare:  titian pigtails, blonde swirl n curl, brunette topknot pouf (I will add a photo as soon as possible, but you can see this set by scrolling down on the page).

Midge has an orange vinyl headband, light coral lips and sweet freckles.  For fun, compare her to the Fashion Queen and Miss Barbie sold during the same time period.





Midge® with Teeth

Midge® without Freckles

Bendable-Leg Midge®






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