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Color Magic Barbie®  1966 - 1967

colrmagics.jpg (74227 bytes)

The issue date is 1966-Stock #1150

-   Hair Color is a Bright 'Golden Blonde' that changed to 'Scarlet Flame' with a simple baking soda/water solution, or the Harder to find 'Midnight Black' that changes to 'Ruby Red.' 

NO Need to purchase any special color changing solutions
or spend extra if purchasing doll whose hair has been color-changed!

-  Hair is straight and uneven just past her shoulders, and she has a side part.   The hair can be thin and brittle

-  She comes wearing the multicolor diamond swimsuit with a belt/tie, a headband to match, and a blue clip. 

-Eyes are blue, blonde brows and beautiful raspberry lips/blush. - -Some of the the Color Magics are not 'high color,' and their lips/blush are a pale peach ('low color' Color Magic).

- This doll did NOT come with earrings or originally have earring holes!

-Some Color Magics have more of a 'lemon' blonde hair instead of the golden blonde. The two shown below are from my personal collection.

-  Body markings are as follows the letters are indented and say c1958/Mattel,Inc/U.S.Patented/U.S.Pat.Pend./ raised letters: Made in/Japan. 


'Platinum' Color Magics are also thought to exist now (When I started collecting in 1995 they did not exist), and while they are beautiful, Please Beware! 
In my opinion, 99% of the platinum Color Magic dolls are not genuine.
Beware of auctions that are private and sellers that have sold more than one platinum Color Magic.  These are extremely easy to make/fake!

According to one very experienced and educated Barbie dealer;
"When the Platinum Color Magics first appeared on the market, there was one that was NRFB and one with a sample tag from Mattel.  The tag said 'light brown.'  The platinum Color Magic changes to a light brown, but it actually looks more like honey color."

Other sources have said that the platinum hair did not change and was used to test hair colors (to find which colors would be the most popular among children).

Therefore much mystery surrounds the Platinum Color Magic, and
unfortunately much fraud exists as well.


Another word of caution. Malibu Barbies were sold in the 1970s.  This doll was part of a new era of Barbie doll, and it is not in the same category as the 'vintage' or 'mod' Barbie era.
However, the Made in Japan Malibu Barbie's legs can be bleached and then attached to the Color Magic torsos.
Beware of fraudulent sellers (especially on online auction sites!) who claim that bleached Malibu legs are 'original' to the doll or who insist that Malibu legs are indeed 'vintage.'  
Malibu legs are not "vintage," and it is fraudulent to bleach them and call them such! Neither are CMs with Malibu legs considered 'transitional' Barbies.
Please use common sense:  If Mattel took their original #1 Barbie mold and made more Barbies with it today, no matter what type or color of vinyl they used these dolls would NOT be considered 'vintage!'  
Therefore Malibu Barbie legs -- no matter what mold was used -- are not in the same 'vintage' category as the Color Magic Barbies (and no, Mattel did not 'tan' or darken original CM legs  for use on the Malibu).

A golden blonde on the left and a lemon blonde on the right

The golden blonde is once again on the left and the lemon blonde on the right. Notice the slight color difference between the two.

A stunning midnight Color Magic (whose hair has oxidized to burgundy) with high color face paint

The harder to find Midnight Color Magic with the beautiful 'low color' face paint

A lovely never removed from box (NRFB) Midnight Color Magic








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