Barbie doll Identification and Appraisal Services for vintage Barbies and friends

I.  In-Person Options (meaning I need to see the doll(s) in person):

  A.  Appraisal - A detailed report + images and certificate of authenticity
$75.00 per doll + return shipping

  B.  Identification only
$40.00 per doll + return shipping (or free with any restoration service + return shipping cost); includes thorough cleaning of your doll(s). Identification is stated on our restoration list.

2. Email Option (via emailed photos) - Doll identification only (no appraisal):
$25.00 per doll - Identification only. Please contact me for more information on where to email photos (If you would also like me to also identify vintage outfits, please let me know).

3.  Large Collections - If you have a large collection, I am happy to meet with you in person to help you identify your vintage Barbies and clothing (or you are welcome to ship it to me):
$60.00/hour + return shipping if applicable
This is the best choice if you have a large vintage collection that you would like to have identified.

Restoration & appraisal services for ALL vintage Barbies (ponytails, American Girls, bubblecuts, Swirls, Color MAgics), Ken, Midge, Allan, Skipper, Skooter, Rickie, Stacey, etc.

I am always interested in purchasing vintage Barbies and friends.  However, I do need to see them in person before I am able to propose a fair offer for any purchase.