I look forward to working with you!

I ask that one please read the information below and then click the link at the bottom of this page to arrive at my mailing information:

The Restoration Process and how it works:

There is no need to send any payment with your doll(s) unless we have made prior arrangements.
After I open your package and take a look at everything in person, I will send you a proposed restoration list for your approval. We will finalize your restoration list and total cost at that time.  

Please ship your entire doll(not just the head only).

Please send your dolls nude (no clothing or jewelry please) in a sturdy box (the post office provides free priority shipping boxes).

Please do not send your dolls in the individual collectible doll display boxes (the type with the clear lids) since due to limited space I am not able to store or return special boxes.

There is a $20 per doll assessment fee (this is credited toward work completed).


Green Ear Treatment:

I no longer offer green ear treatment.



I am currently only accepting complete re-roots for ponytails and swirl ponytails (no full re-roots for other dolls, but partial plugs OK)  

Re-Rooting with donor vintage hair:

If your doll (any doll) has some missing hair plugs that could be re-rooted with original hair, please let me know so we may discuss options for a donor head I may use for matching hair. I generally am not able to provide original hair -- only new, saran hair.


Shipping Your Package to Me:

A piece of tissue paper and one or two pieces of bubble wrap is enough to protect your doll during shipping (and just one piece of tape, too, please, so I don't risk damaging your doll with scissors)

Please use bubble wrap, white tissue paper or plain packing paper when wrapping your doll.  Colored tissue paper or any paper with writing, including newsprint, will stain the vinyl.

If shipping more than one doll, please send them in one box only. 
Multiple dolls will be returned in one box only.

Photos - I do not email before/after photos of dolls; therefore please take desired 'before' photos before you ship your package.

I am only able to receive packages via US MAIL. 
Packages shipped via UPS, Fed-Ex, DHL, etc. to my PO Box will be returned.
I am sorry, pick-up/drop-off service is not available.

For those within the U.S.A. I recommend Priority mail with online tracking (formerly known as 'delivery confirmation').
Please do not send mail via Registered, Certified, Return Receipt (green hard copy) or Restricted Delivery - These services will greatly delay my picking up your item.

For those living outside the U.S.A. Please write: 'used, broken toys for repair' on the customs form.

**Please be sure your full name, email address, address and phone number are inside the package**


Payment Information:

U.S.A. clients: Either money orders or personal checks preferred, or you should be able to email the payment to me from your major U.S. bank. This should be a free service for both of us and is easy to set up. Please ask me for more info, and I will give you the email address I use for this. Thank you!

International clients: I accept a money order in US$, Western Union in US $ or bank-to-bank transfer in US$ only (please email me for bank info.)

Please make payment to:  Krista Candler

Payment made to any other name cannot be cashed and will be returned. Please do not send with a signature required since this will delay my receiving your envelope).

**I do not accept PayPal nor credit cards. I apologize for any inconvenience**

Dolls are given priority and completed in the order in which payments are received.

All transactions are final. In the rare case that a client may be unsatisfied, I thank you for the opportunity to offer a rework (I do not, however, offer a refund or credit).


Returning Your Package to You:

For those within the U.S.A. I will return your dolls via US Priority mail with online tracking

For those outside the U.S.A. I will ship your package via International Priority with online tracking.
I will indicate on the customs form that the item is 'returned goods,' and that I am returning a used toy(s) to the original owner after repair. However, I am not responsible for any duties or charges that may be assessed. Please consult your own country's laws and regulations on this matter.

Thanks very much for reading this! Please email me if you have any questions.

Please Click this button if you have read the above and are ready to be taken to my address/payment information.  Thank you!

Please Click this button if you have read the above and are ready to be taken to my address/payment information.  Thank you!