"You were born to restore Barbies.  They are so gorgeous!" 
   --A happy collector who had just received her dolls back


Christmas 1969...I remember exactly how it felt to receive and open my brand new dolls: the scent, the look and feel of their soft, shiny hair, their perfect expressions, bright eyes, and the pure beauty of these brand new treasures! you will experience this same feeling of excitement all over again when you unwrap your own Vintage treasure after she has been exquisitely restored.  

When I first began collecting in 1996...

I found that restoring sad, old dolls to their former and well-deserved beauty was a talent I truly enjoyed and was pleased to offer to others.

I began college as an art major (painting, design and graphic arts), but then found my other passion was art history.  I graduated from UCLA College of Fine Arts with a Bachelor of Arts, and a major in art history.  I then completed my multiple subject teaching certification at UCI. 

As for Barbie, I am thrilled to combine my love of history (by making sure that the dolls are historically correct) with my background as an artist.

I have been a restoration specialist, restoring Barbies and 'friends,' since 1996, and I have worked with collectors, dealers and original owners from around the world.

I have also had the opportunity to demonstrate my restoration skills at doll conventions in many countries, including Italy, France, The Netherlands and Belgium.

But should you have your doll restored?

It is true that a properly restored doll is more valuable than a dirty, played-with doll, but for those dolls that still look nearly new, I have always felt that restoration is only warranted when the ability to truly enjoy them is compromised by their current condition.

I believe in maintaining the dolls in as 'all-original' condition as possible, and I therefore take a conservative approach to my restorations. 

I use custom-mixed, original vintage paint colors.  It is also important that I re-create the original facial feature shapes.  
If re-rooting is necessary, I do my best to match the original hair color and texture, and I restyle the hair back to the original vintage style.

There is nothing I do to a doll that could not be completely reversed (except when I must remove damaged, original hair before doing a re-root, of course). 

During my restoration process I do not alter or remove any original face paint, nail paint, etc. Your doll is thoroughly cleaned, her hair is neatly and correctly restyled, and her original make-up is flawlessly enhanced, using only the highest quality paints.

Any factory face and nail paint that has remained through the years is left untouched and unharmed underneath.  If just a very tiny touch up is warranted, I am usually able to flawlessly match the original color and simply touch up a tiny corner or edge as necessary


Barbie was meant to be a beautiful fashion doll, and it is a proper tribute to restore her back to her original glamor!

It is also important to consider that the vintage Barbies and friends are about 50 years old. These were well-loved (and often very played-with) "toys!" Therefore they may possess certain "flaws" that cannot (and should not) be corrected.  I will not attempt to do anything to a doll that permanently alters it or may potentially harm it in any way. 

My home is smoke free

Are you ready to have your treasures restored? RestorBabs@aol.com


Christmas 1969 (with my little sister) when Santa brought me a Talking Barbie and Stacey

Christmas 1969 (with my little sister) when Santa brought me a Talking Barbie and Stacey

On vacation with my daughter

On vacation with my daughter

Visiting my son while he was studying at the University of Hawaii

Visiting my son while he was studying at the University of Hawaii